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A Son Does Not Choose His Father
Has anyone seen anybody carrying a red-bladed sword? 

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Like, why am I randomly inserting the word like in like ever sentance?

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 Why do people who come here carry thier troubles from thier old world here? I know that this place is no sanctuary, and correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems like whenever someone decideds to stir up a calamity, it's because of grudges and ambitions that they had in thier former homes.
I don't understand. Coming here is a chance to begin anew, to start over, to replenish yourself. Why cling to the past?

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I havn't been in the city much as of late, but last time I was there, I found myself in a bookstore. I then started reading and reading, mostly about this place called Earth, where a lot of the inhabitants here seem to be from and...Earth is such a fascinating place! Multitudes of languages spoken within a single race, machines that can carry people long distances without the aid of animals, and it's round like a ball too? And it moves around it's sun? But it looks like the sun is moving? Hm...as far as what is known of my world, my world has only been in existence for eight mellenia, wearas Earth has existed for billions of years. Perhaps there hasn't been enough time for the races of my world to comprehend why the sun rises and sets or why the moon has phases. Of course from what I read, humans have only been aware of these phenomenons for a few centuries...hmm...
It's rather sad though, I also read about how the humans have been using up rescources to the point where it's negativley interferring with Earth's systems. I hope my world never reaches that point.
But what I think is my favorite thing that comes from Earth...is the music! I found some of those circular disc things that you put in a box and music comes from it, and I've never heard more stimulating music in my life! These kinds of music called rock, blues, reggae...wow! And then there's this kind of music called rap. It's...exellent for dancing music, but the lyrics are...not usually satisfacory. Though sometimes the lyrics are rather amusing.

[screened to Ruby]
Please do be careful, I havn't heard good things about this Dark Link character...

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Someone said that death is a temporary thing here. I suppose that is a comforting thaught, but I don't want to get my hopes up.

I just wonder why it's happening...something strange was happening in the sky the other day...

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I feel there's a need to explain myself and the world where I come from, as I seem to be the only one here from my world.

I know that there are some here who have met Thorn, my dragon. If you see him, he is red, winged, and about the size of a small cottage. He dosen't eat humans, elves, or anything that has a human-like form. However, I'd like to first and formost ask that if you meet him, please treat him respectfully. 
Now then, to explain my world...
I come from a place called Alagasia. Aside from the absence the rather clever machines and scientific achievments that are known in this world, Alagasia isn't that different from this place. There are cities, oceans, mountains, deserts and forests. The races that dominate Alagasia include humans, elves, dragons, dwarves, and urgals.
A long time ago, there was an allience formed between the elves and the dragons that created an order known as the Dragon Riders. They served as warriors, peacemakers, teachers, and had other things. Humans were added to the order some centuries later.
Now the dragons from my world can sense the presence of those around them when they are inside thier eggs. They don't hatch when they've grown enough, the way birds do. They wait to hatch. They will wait centuries if they must. When they feel they sense the presence of a human or an elf whom they feel worthy to be thier Rider, they will hatch, and the human or elf will be marked with the Gwidey Insegnia, or the mark of the Riders. This forges a bond unlike any other. For one, this gives the Rider the power to use magic, and the dragon and Rider can speak to each other through thier minds.
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Perhaps I don't have to worry if someone is attempting to take over this place. There is such a variation of indiviuals and beings here, it is doubtful that anyone trying to govern this place would succeed. There would probably be revolting groups left and right, trying to overthrow the ruler. How interesting that a lack of a government is the best way to keep from chaos.
It's just so difficult to adjust. I'm so used to having to stand or fight for something. Though the concept of just living your life, just being, sounds blissful. Yet somewhat daunting because as I said, it's not what I'm used to.
And, as I mentioned earlier, I know that anyone trying to conquer this place would most likely not succeed, however I just want everyone to know that in the event that one is succeeding, and things are desparate, you can always call on Thorn and I to help.

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Those who take advantage of the children must pay.

((OOC: Murtagh is caught in the Jenova log, ready to fight, in case anyone was wondering where he's been latley. He's going to be caught up  in that for awhile, so I apologise. If anyone wants to interact with him when he gets out of there, let me know. ><))

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I have much knowledge in magic, including healing magic. I have been studying, experimenting, and analyzing what kinds of spells I can use to heal anyone who has been infected. If you are looking for a solution to it, come to me, and I will do what I can.


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My name is Murtagh. I was informed by someone called Koenma that I can get information from you about the demon Yomi. I'd like to talk to you

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