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A Son Does Not Choose His Father
Hmph...what's in a list.

Santa, Thorn and I are ready.

((ooc: He and Thorn are helping Santa navigate and deliver presents. ^^))
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Why are people turning into half-sized elves?

So strange...I mean, she's so much a dragon in some aspects, but so human in other. Who would have guessed...I mean, I think...Do I really...? 

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I'm sorry.

I failed.

But I will try again someday.

[private with Thorn]

By the way, I don't know if you remember, but it seemed like Ruby likes me. On one hand she seems really nice, on the other hand...I don't know. She's a dragon. And it seems strange because...well you know, she's one of you. Rider or not, it's seems so strange for a human and a dragon to love each other that way.

I don't really consider her to be "my kind" enough that I would be offended if you courted her. She's clearly a different kind of dragon than the ones from Alagasia. She's dragon enough in her heart, but human enough to assiciate with them more.

True, I suppose. 

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The dark elf has returned.

If anyone sees him, tell me where he is. 

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Ever since I came here I've just sort of been nomading around. But living outside all winter would even be stressful on a dragon rider's body. 
So I'm going to build a home in the hills between the city and the lake. It's in between the business district, the desert, and the mountains, all places that Thorn and I are likely to be visiting most often. 

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 That event known as "Halloween" was rather entertaining. Events like that should happen more often.

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He He


I havs a big sword. 

((ooc: Yeah, he just got drunk with Roy and Ruby.))

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Why didn't I try to stop him?
Or her for that matter...
How could I have let a friend be put in danger like that when I could have done something?

Ruby...I'm so sorry...

[Screened to Dark Link]
Dark Link, meet me in the mountains. 

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Too bad it's impossible to escape from untrustable people, nomatter what world you are in.

At least it's someone who everyone knows isn't trustable.

[screened to Ruby]
Ruby, I believe you have my sword?
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 Pardon my ignorance...but what exactly is a "seme" and a "uke?"

((OOC: Murtagh is not naive or anything, he just dosen't know much Japanese ^^))
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